A​.​I​.​D​.​S. [All Infamous Daddy's Secrets]

by LECKS Inc.

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released September 21, 2016



all rights reserved



LECKS Inc. est un groupe de métal industriel fondé en 2009 en PACA.

Désireux de redonner vie à ses premiers amours, Lecks se lança dans l'écriture d'un nouveau projet musical... s'offrant un retour aux sources de la musique minimaliste, sur un fond d'ambiance horrifique et industriel. Mettant à la fois à profit ses expériences théâtrales et musicales, dans la création d'univers oniriques... ... more

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Track Name: A.I.D.S. - Beautiful Day To Die
Beautiful Day To Die

- How many tears will it need to pay my coffin
- When I’ll bite the ground of my stigmatized body
- Roots will crown with flowers my empty head
- Finally free for me only, in my selfish hole.

- It's a beautiful day to die
- Im alone and nobody hears me
- I still have just million questions
- But no matter, but no matter

- It's a beautiful day to die
- There is no more illusion to have
- The head in the noose to relax me
- I want the death down on my feets

Couplet 1
- The difficult simplicity to live
- Is formed around the neck in a withers
- Keeping in the swamp of my stomach
- The mud of some humanities waste

- Copious cooking of ruined memories
- Spreading in stream formless and sterile
- Which I eat shabbily dressed
- Of these moments abstracts, of immaterial bore

Couplet 2
-Every respiratory movement is prisoner
- Unknown Victim has half buried
- Sucking the gloomy atmosphere of the seasons
- To the deaf palpitation of a lustful secret

Couplet 1

- My soul is an abyss of bitter intentions
- To know the regret of another morning

- It's my name which flow between my fingers
- The life line which I squeeze in my fist

- My only regret is to not being crazy
- Whereas I wait for the death machine

- And as the last flame of a devout stake
- I shall bend in the disorder of my hair


- Humbled by heavy stagnant feelings
- As a scar fertilized of wisdom
- By domestic hell of my rotten flesh
- Licked by the expiatory imagination